7 Steps To Becoming An Amazon Bestseller 

Discover The Proven System To Reach Thousands Of New People With Your Business Book, Sell Lots Of Copies, And Make A Massive Impact With Your Launch!


Too many people finish and publish their book, put it on Amazon, then do nothing with it. 


They wonder why it doesn't sell and why it fails to help them to grow their business.


It's easy to lose momentum, start focusing on the next project, or get distracted by something else. But doesn't this waste the time, money and energy that you've put into writing and publishing your book?


In my experience, becoming a number one bestseller on Amazon doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. 


I believe that it makes sense to promote and publish your book with a great plan that helps you to launch your book successfully. 


And that's where I come in. I'm Karen Williams, the Book Mentor, and as well as supporting my clients to write, publish and market their own business building books, I'm also the bestselling author of six entrepreneurial, writing and personal development books.


When I launched my fifth book, Book Marketing Made Simple in 2017, I documented the process that ensured the book hit the Amazon bestseller spot and reached thousands of people all around the world, and this programme is the result!

Would you like to know how to launch your book successfully? So you can...

  • Focus your mind on promoting your book rather than leaving success to chance, ensuring you sell more copies upon release, reach the Amazon number one spot, and continue to sell books after your launch.

  • Reach more people when others help with your launch and share it with their communities and friends. This will also raise your credibility among your peers when they see that you've successfully published your book.

  • Create launch bonuses that support their learning, and incentivises them to recommend your book to their friends. You can add more support, build your community, and grow your business through additional products and programmes that meet their needs.

  • Attract more clients when you serve your readers on a greater level. You'll find that more people will wish to work with you personally, because they've heard about your successes and have read your book.

Achieve all of this and more with The Book Launch Blueprint!

When I launched my fifth book, Book Marketing Made Simple, I documented EVERYTHING I did that helped the book to reach number one on Amazon. 


Now I'm ready to show you how it's done in The Book Launch Blueprint. And actually it's not only the number one status that's important - although it will give you great PR - having a well thought out launch plan will help to elevate your book's success.


You're going to discover everything I've done for my three online launches, which resulted in reaching the number one spot on Amazon every time, ensuring that you sell many hundreds of copies during the initial days of your book, and keep that momentum going way after publishing.


There's a lot of behind the scenes information that I'll share with you, that can be the difference that makes the difference to achieving a successful launch.


What's included in The Book Launch Blueprint?

  • three month countdown checklist including everything you need to do to ensure that your book launch is successful, leading up to your launch date and beyond.

  • The documented step-by-step process that I created in real time that ensured my latest book reached the Amazon no. 1 spot and launched it with a bang!

  • 10 recorded webinar-style modules clearly taking you through the 7 steps that I followed, showing you exactly what you need to do at each stage and why these are important.

  • Innovative tools and techniques that will help you to find the right collaborators for your project so that you can reach hundreds of thousands of NEW people with your book.

  • 16 of my best strategies to keep your momentum going, so that you can continue to grow your business through your book way after your launch date.

  • Bonus 1: Your swipe file - access ALL of the templates, forms, webpages, emails, social media posts that I used (that worked), so that you can replicate them for your own book launch.

  • Bonus 2: Amazon Cheatsheet - a step by step guide to setting up your Amazon page and Author Central account, so that you can maximise your sales on and after your book launch date.

Are you ready to start enjoying the success of your book, reaching the Amazon number one spot, and inspiring more clients to say YES to working with YOU?

About Karen Williams

Karen Williams is one of the UK's leading Book Mentors. She's inspired hundreds of business authors who want to write a book that positions them as an expert and becomes a business building tool.


If you have a story to tell, wisdom to share or a legacy to leave behind, Karen and the Librotas team are here to help you to turn your dream into a successfully published book.


Karen is the bestselling author of six business books, a TEDx speaker and firewalk instructor! She knows what it takes to write and publish a book that builds your credibility, demonstrates your expertise and helps you become an authority.

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