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A Guided Creative Process That Turns Your Wisdom, Story and Message Into A Powerful Business Hook

The #1 Book Planner For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Experts Who Want To Write A Non-fiction Business Book Or Memoir

You're here because you love the idea of writing a book. And you’ve probably been dreaming about it for years. But for one reason or another, you’ve not got started. If you’re struggling to untangle your ideas and give them the right structure, the Business Book Planner is for you.


This proven and powerful planning tool has been created for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers and experts who have a story to tell, wisdom to share or advice that people need to hear.


Fusing the journal process with self-reflective questions, you will be guided to connect all of your ideas together, draw out what’s important to tell the reader, and create a powerful book that your future readers will love.


With You Every Step Of The Way

Based on the Librotas 10 Smart Author principles, as you go through each section of the planner, the insightful questions will help you to find your flow and create a brilliant book that truly stands out.

More Than Just A Notebook

Journaling is widely recognised as an effective way of solving problems and getting creative. Writing by hand stimulates the neural activity in the brain, and there’s a magic that happens when you connect your pen to paper.

Designed And Built For You

By organising your thoughts in one place, you will become more efficient and effective. And the planning tools will enable you to plan your project from start to launch, so you don't miss a vital part of the process. 

Why The Business Book Planner Is So Effective

Broken down into small manageable tasks, you will quickly make sustainable progress and move your project forward, no matter what kind of book you want to write, how busy you are, or where you are on your writing journey.


The planning tool inside the journal makes it easy to create an action plan for your achievement, so that you can see how you can reach your publishing date, make the most of the time you have available, and tick off tasks as you complete them.


It will keep your focus on the important, yet often overlooked aspects of writing a book, such as identifying what your audience really wants to buy and read, and why your book is different.


Alongside this you’ll get practical tips on crucial topics such as how to write a book proposal and create a writing plan, and what to do and when to get your book published and create a powerful hook that will make your book stand out.

No Matter What Type Of Business Book You Want To Write, This Will Help You Get There.

Identify Your Vision and Purpose

Discover Your Perfect Audience

Refine Your Topic, Ideas and Content

Uncover Your Secret Sauce

Find Your Personal Story

Clearly Structure Your Book

Gain Writer's Self Confidence and Resiliency

Create an Achievable and Realistic Timeline

Launch Your Book To The World

What My Other Happy Clients Say...

It’s been great to go through your questions and I now have all my thoughts about my book(s!) gathered together in one place. In fact, it’s given me the belief that I can now write my book because the writing is just flowing out of me, telling me I am actually a writer and my ideas are valid as an author

I started writing my book, but got stuck, and through following the journal, I’ve revisited the whole of my book and have now pieced all the bits of the jigsaw together. I’m writing every day and know that I’m creating an easy-to-follow book

I really love what you’ve created. It’s like the essence of your experience and knowledge and an excellent tool for people to follow

This space is reserved for you when you get the results you want...

About Karen

Karen Williams is The Book Mentor at Librotas. Her business journey started in 2006, although everything changed when she wrote her first book in 2009, as it put her and her business on the map. Since then, she has written six books on writing and entrepreneurship, many of which have been bestsellers, so she knows what it’s like to go through the process.


Since 2014, she has supported hundreds of coaches, consultants, leaders, experts and entrepreneurs, helping them to go from idea to publication, launch and beyond.


This has enabled them to write books that have built their business, credibility and authority. Plus they have reached far more people than they could have done without their books, allowing them to make a bigger difference and leave a legacy.


The Business Book Planner and Book Writing Journal take the principles she teaches in the Smart Author System, giving you a simple process to follow and apply, so that you write your best business building book.


Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What size is the journal

The journal is standard book size (5.5x8.5 inches), with 160 pages on 90GSM paper that's easy to write on with any pen or pencil.

Is there a guarantee?

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Do you ship worldwide?

Please select your local Amazon website and please contact if you'd like to order your Planner directly.

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